Alpha Society Affiliate Program

Become your own boss! Alpha Society is unique because of our Two Tier Affiliate program. In this program you will be able to make unlimited amounts of money on our website by recruiting individuals. The more recruits, the more money you make. With a small monthly fee, you will be able to operate as an alpha and become everything you dream of!

The affiliate program is commission based. Tier one recruits (personnel you directly sign up) are a 40% return and tier two recruits (personnel your recruits sign up) are 10% return. Sounds good right? It gets better. After eight tier one recruits you are granted a 5%% tier one commission increase. There is no big amount of money upfront like other MLM plans. There is only a small monthly fee and returns will be given monthly. After an average of two recruits your monthly retainer is paying for itself. There will also be rewards based on your total earnings and total number of recruits. Recruitment aggregates are unlimited so recruit with no limit. You are in charge of your own success. Work your own hours, start a business or retire, the opportunities are endless. Alpha Society offers guides to help you get started with your recruiting. You have the ability to create a better life for yourself so become an alpha and exceed your limits.

The benefits of the affiliate program extends beyond your riches. It allows you access to all our marketing guides and entrepreneur programs. In these programs, there will be both written and video based steps and guides on how to not only grow your company but also grow as a business owner and entrepreneur. The opportunity is right here, all you need to do is seize it and start building your future right here with Alpha Society.